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Two Idioms. January 31, by languagehat 63 Comments. What do you think? I responded: Good heavens, what an interesting question! But Urban Dictionary, which is certainly not suitable as a scholarly reference but is useful for current senses of slang, says : 1 To be in a situation that requires powers or abilities that one does not possess.


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February 1, at pm. Breffni says:. Y says:. John Emerson says:. Paul Ogden says:. Adam Butler says:. I always thought of that phrase as being a negative criticism Me too! I wonder how many of these phrases there are? Keith Ivey says:. Gassalasca says:. Larry says:. PK says:. La Horde Listener says:.

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February 4, at am. February 5, at pm. Hemnitser What a round-trip! March 9, at am. As an expression, the word-group becomes a team, so to speak. That is, the collocated words develop a specialized meaning as a whole and an idiom is born e. He really threw me a curve when on our first date he asked if I could pay for the dinner. Note, in some cultures, when a man and a woman are courting each other, the male is traditionally the one who takes up the bill or pays the bill; however, times change and in many modern societies, a lot of couples go Dutch yet another idiom.

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  • In the English expression to kick the bucket , for example, a listener knowing only the meaning of kick and bucket would be unable to deduce the expression's actual meaning, which is to die. Although it can refer literally to the act of striking a specific bucket with a foot , native speakers rarely use it that way. The same expression in Dutch is het loodje leggen to lay the piece of lead , which is entirely different from the English expression, too.

    Other expressions include break a leg and fit as a fiddle. It is estimated that William Shakespeare coined over 9, idioms still in use today. Idioms hence tend to confuse those not already familiar with them; students of a new language must learn its idiomatic expressions the way they learn its other vocabulary. Many natural language words have idiomatic origins, but have been sufficiently assimilated so that their figurative senses have been lost.

    Idioms and culture An idiom is generally a colloquial metaphor — a term which requires some foundational knowledge, information, or experience, to use only within a culture where parties must have common reference. Idioms are therefore not considered a part of the language, but rather a part of the culture. As cultures are typically localized, idioms are more often not useful for outside of that local context. However some idioms can be more universally used than others, and they can be easily translated, metaphor ical meaning can be more easily deduced.

    The most common idioms can have deep roots, date back many centuries, and be traceable across many languages. Hook, line and sinker Saturday, February 23 Meaning: Without question or doubt, completely Example: She fell in love with her new boyfriend hook, line and sinker. Like a moth to a flame. Meaning Irresistibly and dangerously attracted to something or someone.

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    Origin The phrase is a simple allusion to the well-known attraction that moths have to bright lights. Combinare un bel guaio. To make a real mess of things. To have a bad time [To pass an ugly disaster]. Like a lamb to the slaughter. To have a vehement argument. Do you think he went a bit overboard?