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George: The…. Rush Revere and the First…. Harriet Tubman: Conductor on…. The Boy on the Wooden Box: How…. If You Lived at the Time of…. The Diary of a Young Girl. Hidden Figures Young Readers'…. Chasing Lincoln's Killer: The….

16 Feminist Kids’ Books for Dismantling the Patriarchy

Related Searches. Double Cross: Deception Techniques in War. How does deception factor into fighting wars, and is it effective? In an intriguing companion Janeczko reveals the truth about the strategic lies of war. The biblical account of Gideon. The ancient story of the View Product. A History Of Us. They present concise menus of ideas for teachers working with developing critical thinkers.

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Where the Elementary level teaching guides focus The littlest readers can learn about Abraham Lincoln in this board book version of the This friendly, fun biography series focuses on the traits that made our heroes great--the traits that John Deere, That's Who!

Back in the s, who was a young blacksmith from Vermont, about to make his Back in the s, who was a young blacksmith from Vermont, about to make his mark on American history? Who moved to Illinois, where farmers were struggling to plow through the thick, rich soil they called gumbo? Mahatma Gandhi. When it comes to teaching their children about the enduring principles of freedom, many parents don't know where to start. The Tuttle Twins series helps you introduce these ideas to your children and have meaningful family discussions about them.

As a father, I know how hard it is to communicate big ideas to little kids. For example, how do you teach an eight-year-old boy about the free market in a way that will be relevant to him? How can a six-year-old girl understand property rights? How can your child learn about and remember the golden rule? And more than getting them to learn about the ideas… how do you get them to actually care about them? As the founder and president of two non-profits, and the author of 17 books, I've spent years trying to figure out simple and effective ways of teaching other people important principles.

Along the way I came to realize something: kids can understand these ideas, too. And so the Tuttle Twins books were born! These totally unique books help kids age learn important truths and develop crucial critical thinking skills. Tens of thousands of families just like yours have benefitted from the clear messages and fun stories in these books. More importantly, these families have been able to have some amazing conversations about big ideas—even with their little children. Get the books today and watch your child develop important critical thinking skills and insight about ideas that most adults don't even understand.

There's a better way — but it requires parents like you and me to invest a small amount to teach our kids while they're young.

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We must give them a foundation of freedom. In a fun adventure that involves pirates and plunder, Ethan and Emily learn about law, liberty, and limited government. Unlike any other book, this story helps children learn what individual rights are and how true laws help protect them from bad guys.

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  • Ethan and Emily have taken for granted the many things they use: clothes, cars, homes, backpacks—even something as simple as a pencil. On their trip to an amazing factory, the twins learn about the miracle and importance of the free market. Teaming up with their food truck friends, the twins discover laws that create unfair advantages and protectionist policies. Ethan and Emily learn about competition as they launch a campaign to win public support and overturn the bad regulations.

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    Unintended consequences abound as the Tuttles uncover why the new Surfdom resort is causing their favorite beach to lose public interest. Uncle Ben joins the twins to help shine some light on the collectivist and central planning problems. Summer camp turns into a heated rivalry between competing teams, but Chief Ron helps the twins and their teammates learn the dangers of aggression, revenge, and blowback—and why peace and friendship are important principles!

    In a world filled with consumers, what happens if the producers give up and leave?

    And how can people better practice personal responsibility and not have a sense of entitlement about the things they think they deserve? Join Ethan and Emily to find out!

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    The twins recognize an opportunity and, with the support of family and friends, navigate the exciting and tiring world of entrepreneurship! Your kids will learn the ins and outs of becoming a business owner in this inspiring installment in the series! In a world where dystopian fiction might seem too close to reality, Ethan and Emily learn that the fate of the future depends on thinking of ways we can work together peacefully, to build a better society without relying on coercion and the state. After hearing award-winning teacher John Taylor Gatto discuss some problems with schooling and share a vision for how children are best educated, the Tuttle family decides to embark on a new learning adventure to discover true education.

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    Kudos to Connor and his team for finding the secret sauce to get my son interested in learning. Now my kids and I have some awesome discussions together! Highly recommended! Help the children in your life learn these important ideas by purchasing the books now.

    Worried that you're not sure you'll love them? No problem! The risk is all on our end.

    6 Fascinating Books That Get Kids Hooked on History

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