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The greatest concern, though, is the performance hit they place on Expression Blend in the design environment. Microsoft has indicated that hardware accelerated BitmapEffects will be available for the release of. NET Framework 4. I have described what has been slated at the time of this writing. Be sure to check with Microsoft to see if any of the restrictions have been lifted, or if more have been added. Instead, look at it as a greater challenge to your initiative. By learning Expression Blend and a little. NET development you will be able to create rich Internet applications RIAs that will become a standard in future development scenarios.

Expression Blend and Visual Studio are not really in competition with each other; instead, they are being developed to work with each other. Think of Blend being the intermediary between a designer-specific application like Expression Design or Adobe Illustrator and Visual Studio. There is much rhetoric as to the potential for Blend being slowly merged into the Visual Studio environment.

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I would see this integration as a blow to the workflow that will exist between designers and developers if you start forcing designers to try and navigate the Visual Studio IDE. If you implement the role of a XAML architect, there is no need for a designer to ever worry about Visual Studio, and a developer needs only to concentrate on data structures and logic.

Only time will tell, but for now, using both products simultaneously is workable, although a little clunky. At the time of this writing, the XA role was an area very few people understood, even those at Microsoft. I did find a few people that understood and had come to this conclusion themselves. Both could see a clear need for the role to be defined and promoted. Most large design agencies have, for quite some time now, implemented such a role with projects involving Flash, in which designers were not always competent in Action Scripting.

There are indeed pros and cons to both environments. As it stands, I, personally, could not spend any great length of time trying to design an application experience in Visual Studio.

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At the end of this book you will make your own decision on how you like it. Visual Studio does not provide for some of the functionality that Blend provides, such as an easy to use storyboarding tool to create animations and define triggers. Blend also handles data binding elegantly, which is a very important area of most applications.

One of the biggest pros for Blend is that it will always give you an accurate depiction of the XAML and code to some degree live in the design-time environment, something that Visual Studio in WPF solutions continues to struggle with. Perhaps the area that you may have heard about is XAML.

Throughout the book, XAML code is referred to as markup. This is common with most XML-derived languages. They understand that performance will improve as the technology matures, which has been proven now with the release of Visual Studio and the. You will find out pretty soon, if you like working with XAML.


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The Blend design interface may take a little longer to get into, simply because it is a different tool with a similar ideology as other timeframe-based design environments or so it may appear. When I had been using it for a few days, I got angry with certain elements of it.

NET code and the application features would eventually turn into hostility toward the lowly developer who just wanted to provide the data for a list box and not have to worry about how it looked. It all came together for me a few days later well at about three in the morning actually during one of those rare moments of absolute clarity. Blend is not just for designers or dare I say developers , but it is the head of a toolset aimed at bringing both parties together with a technology that can facilitate stunning designs with awesome.

NET application performance.

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Graphic designers indirectly use it to make visual assets; interactive designers mold it with Blend; and together they create UIElements that integrate and use specific functionality that adds to an overall visual perception. Developers can use it to implement the designed functionality with additional feature sets. An example of how XAML allows applications to be created better is when a designer produces a storyboard that shows a gorgeous list box that has glass highlights and rounded borders.

The next storyboard shows that when a user clicks on an item in the list box, the selected item flies across the screen.

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There are very few instances where a conventional WINForms developer would take the time to try and produce this result as per the storyboards in a WINForms environment. It is also extremely quick to build applications compared to the development time on other existing platforms. The following equation says it all:. The remainder of this chapter is an overview of XAML, complete with explanations of some primary levels of the XAML structures, how they relate to each other, and how it relates to code classes produced in.

Before you look at some XAML, there is another issue that struck me when using Blend in the early stages. There is no Source Safe integration. But then again, it could make you think a little more about the architecture. In a strict sense, your development environment should always contain some sort of source protection system.

That is when the use of multiple client-side application layers came to me. By using this architecture, you can still implement a source protection system that will not affect the UI development. From now on, when you think about the front end of your application, you need to think about layered development, similar to multi-tier or N-Tier development in which you have specific application layers that perform specific tasks for the entire application to function and perform in the manner in which it was designed.

Think about your front end having, at the very least, two layers which I describe in detail for clarity. As the name suggests, this layer is where your user interface objects function within their own scope. You, as the XA, now take XAML markup provided by a designer or the design team and make it into a button or other required object in Blend. Previously, if you wanted this button control to have a rollover effect when the mouse moved over it, you would need to provide all the programming that not only created the button in the first place, but also the code to animate it or make it interact with other objects.

NET code class. As such, it has the power to set properties and apply resources and data binding to-from objects, UIElements, plus much, much more. There is nothing wrong with this; but to get my point across, now we are not going to provide this method of application logic to your simple calculator application. In your new Blend applications, you or your developer team would go off and write a logic layer that receives inputs and provides outputs back to your graphical layer see Figure 1.

This layer is where developers author the code to interact and sometimes control the UIElements that will appear in the scenes, by way of events and property change notification. So, to continue with the previous example of a simple calculator, the logic layer I prefer engine or wrapper provides public methods with which each click of a button simply adds numbers and symbols for the underlying engine to deal with.

The UI layer is free to carry on with any animations or UI-derived actions without the sequential hassles of also trying to deal with the application logic. It then fires a result out through an event or property change notification where the graphics layer which has subscribed to this event and or notification then does what it needs to do in order to display the result. You may choose to have the graphical assets flash red or go semi-transparent, who knows?

The point is that the two layers remain completely separated, which allows developers to easily add unit testing with NUint or a similar tool, as well as gives you a complete set of functionality that will be the same regardless of the front end UI or OS on which you are running the code. When they need to fix bugs or make maintenance changes, they only need to make them to a single code library before testing and redistributing the application.

So what exactly is XAML? XAML is simply an instruction set, and definitely not a programming language. My defining characteristic is that a script provides a means to drive an application, while a programming language provides for a script to drive it. I searched high and low, and still could not find a definitive answer. I did find out that the debate is very much alive on compiler newsgroups! When these instructions are parsed to the WPF presentation engine, they are then converted to an object tree in memory.

So you can think of XAML as being a type of serialization format for WPF, taking all the settings that you specify and then producing your application as the result. NET code objects, take a minute to let the following settle into your mind. We are going to examine the same application shown in Figure 1. As you can see, we have a simple window with a single button shown. The button contains text, but you should bear in mind that we could have used an image or another control UIElement as the content of the button if a designer required it.

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Listing 1. In the code example shown in Listing 1. The text is applied by setting the Content property of the button. You will note the property names are exactly the same. You may also note there are some layout directives in the form of VerticalAlignment and HorizontalAlignment that we will look at in future chapters. This is a very simple example, but one I hope gives you a little insight into the core usage of XAML. You can certainly do a lot more than just declare and set up a button with XAML. When we talk about integration, we are referring to how objects and resources are controlled within an application using either C or XAML-or both.

The key here is to remember that XAML is declarative and can only be applied to those objects and UIElements that are created in the design-time environment. Although you can apply property setters to objects as well as data binding and dynamic layout instructions, you have to remember that once the application enters runtime mode, you need to apply any new dynamic integration through code alone.