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Best of luck with your book,Shannon. Janet,as always,thank you for a wonderful post! I'm glad you like the approach I've taken for this book, Mary. I had intended to tell the story all from Anne's point of view, like I did with Georgiana in "Miss Georgiana Darcy of Pemberley," but then I realized how much I would be missing to limit myself to one speaker!

I'm please with how it all worked out, and I already have plans to use this technique again. You are welcome, Mary.

What on earth have you done to poor Mr. Darcy?

It is always lovely to read your take on a post. It's great to have you stopping by. I feel the same as you about Anne. Darcy likely considered the marriage premise more of a 'family fable' than a serious 'fact' and had no intention of being guided from the grave. Anne, on the other hand, tended to cling to the idea as a security plan for her future that was always overseen my her mother. But maturity brought more understanding and doubts. So glad she and Darcy came to an mutual agreement that it wasn't to be.

It always seemed to me that the fable was more fabricated by Lady Catherine than his mother. This does sound like a more mature Anne, doesn't it. Thanks for stopping by. I would like to think that Darcy conducted honourably towards Anne and discuss with her to end this so called betrothal. We as the reader do not know if Lady Anne Darcy agreed to this arrangement or it's merely Lady Catherine's wish. I hope Anne find a gentleman who would love and cherish her for herself and not for her fortune.

I believe that Darcy conducted himself honourably towards Anne.

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I always felt theirs was a mutual understanding with only Lady Catherine pursuing the marriage. I like to see Anne find a good man to marry too. We want that HEA for her too, don't we! Shannon Winslow.

courteheartjerk.ml:Customer reviews: Surprises at Rosings: Volume 1

I'm so happy to have you visit again. Your new book, The Ladies of Rosings Park sounds fascinating. It will be great to see Anne de Bourgh have her day! I like that idea. I also love your cover. Your paintings are gorgeous and this one is too. Winslow, take it away.

The Honorable Mr. How well did Darcy treat his cousin Anne? Part of our enchantment with the man and the reason Elizabeth changed her views about him from negative to positive comes from discovering that he was truly honorable after all. He did not cheat Wickham out of the living intended for him. In fact, he earned the respect even affection of his tenants and servants and was affable to the poor.

In short, Darcy was a man who held high principles and lived up to them. But did he treat his cousin Anne accordingly? I had wondered about this before, but it became a real issue when I started writing The Ladies of Rosings Park. After all, she had heard all her life that he was supposed to marry her, and it was just possible that she believed it and had her heart set on it!

A Gift from Rosings Park part 3

Have you ever worried about that, or am I the only one? Two things Anne de Bourgh understood from a very early age: first, that she was loved by her father, and second, that she would one day marry Fitzwilliam Darcy. These unalterable facts served as the sure foundation of her young life… But nothing lasts forever, it seems, not even sure foundations. A few years later, the other — her betrothal to Fitzwilliam Darcy — was cast into serious jeopardy upon the arrival at Rosings of a young woman by the name of Elizabeth Bennet.

For better or for worse, Jane Austen gives us very little clue to the relationship between Anne and Mr. There are no interactions between them recorded in Pride and Prejudice.

Another year in the books...

That is a truth universally acknowledged! But it would tarnish even their incandescent union if too much carnage and destruction had been left in their wake in order to achieve it. But Anne was an innocent bystander. I would hate to see her heart trampled. I also wanted to show some signs of a burgeoning friendship between Anne and Elizabeth.

All this with an eye to the three of them coming through with mutual understanding and respect. Above all, I wanted to be sure that Anne as well as the reader had no reason to feel that Darcy had dealt with her dishonorably. What might surprise you more, though, is how Anne was at work behind the scenes. Sounds to me like she deserves a HEA of her own. Now Anne finally gets the chance to speak her mind.

But Lady Catherine demands equal time. Even Charlotte Collins and Mrs. Jenkinson get into the act. Chapter by chapter, these ladies of Rosings Park take turns telling the tale from the moment Elizabeth Bennet sets foot in Hunsford, changing everything. Is Anne heartbroken or relieved to discover Mr. Darcy will never marry her? As an heiress, even a sickly one, she must have other suitors.

Collins would have handled it: "as Mrs. Collins had settled it with her husband that the office of introduction should be hers, it was performed in a proper manner, without any of those apologies and thanks which he would have thought necessary. Additionally, like Mr. Bennet, Charlotte has found ways to distance herself from her exasperating spouse. Bennet uses his library as a retreat, and Charlotte similarly has chosen a sitting room for herself that Mr.

Collins is less likely to invade regularly. Charlotte's approach to Mr. Collins is perhaps more respectful than Mr. Bennet's treatment of Mrs. Bennet, however. While Mr. Bennet responds to Mrs. Bennet's silliness with sarcasm, Charlotte does not react to Mr. Collins' inane statements.

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