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The Hebrews, hishtavut. The Epicureans, ataraxia. The Christians, aequanimitas. In English: stillness. To be steady while the world spins around you. To act without frenzy. To hear only what needs to be heard. To possess quietude—exterior and interior—on command. Stillness is that quiet moment when inspiration hits you. We all need stillness, but those of us charging ahead with big plans and big dreams need it most of all.

There are, in fact, concrete and actionable ways to bring it into your life. You have to put in the work. You have to follow the guidance of the masters. For many years, I have been a student of, and writer about, Stoicism , an ancient philosophy popular in the Roman Empire. As a result, here are 28 proven exercises from across all the wisdom of the ancient world that will help you keep steady, disciplined, focused, at peace, and able to access your full capabilities at any time, in any place, despite any distraction and every difficulty.

These steps will work… if you work them.

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One of her best and most insightful lines must have come on a particularly difficult day. I start the day with stillness by pouring out what is not still into my journal. The point is just to do it. Marcus Aurelius , who is supposedly this dark, depressive Stoic, seems to have seen beauty everywhere. While other people are oblivious to or overwhelmed by what surrounds them, we want to practice really seeing.

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Try to notice the little things. Observe that interaction with your parents like you were a stand-up comedian looking for material. An artist must be present.

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An artist must notice. An artist is still. Manage Your Inputs. As a general, Napoleon instructed his secretary to wait three weeks before opening any mail or correspondence. He wanted to see what would handle itself.

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One way I do this is with email filters. If I see an email is not urgent or not from a trusted source, I put it in a folder and sit on it I like to reply on airplanes, without Wi-Fi, weeks or months later. Another way to do this is through gatekeepers. Having an assistant or an agent or a chief of staff means that trivial things have a harder time getting to you.

So that with stillness, you can give what matters your full attention.

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Take Walks. Nikola Tesla discovered the rotating magnetic field, one of the most important scientific discoveries of all time, on a walk through a city park in Budapest in When he lived in Paris, Ernest Hemingway would take long walks along the quais whenever he was stuck in his writing and needed to clarify his thinking.

Detach From Outcomes. Archery master Awa Kenzo spent little time teaching his students how to deliberately aim and shoot. What Kenzo wanted students to do was to put the thought of hitting the target out of their minds. He wanted them to detach even from the idea of an outcome. You must focus only on the page in front of you.

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You must learn how to let go and let the process take over. Formerly Design Ethicist at Google, he is a world-renowned expert on how technology steers our decisions. Tristan has spent nearly his entire life studying subtle psychological forces, from early beginnings as a childhood magician, to working with the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab , and to his role as CEO of Apture , which was acquired by Google. He is the co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology, which can be found at Humanetech.

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The researchers hope to create precision medicine treatments tailored to individual patient needs. To broadcast this as widely as possible, I have one offer and one sincere ask:. For this press conference, I am joined by Roland Griffiths, Ph. His pioneering work led to the consideration of psilocybin as a therapy for serious health conditions.

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  • Griffiths recruited and trained the center faculty in psychedelic research as well. Also participating is Matthew Johnson, Ph. He has led studies that show psilocybin can treat nicotine addiction. Johnson will lead two new clinical trials and will be associate director of the new center.