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She jotted down a few sentences from their prayers to share with her supporters a glimpse into the hearts of the Lisu Christians:.

I am worthy of death, and Thou has given me eternal life. The teachers encouraged their students to "keep tryst" with Jesus for a time of prayer and listening.

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Isobel wrote:. At sunset time I slipped out for my usual tryst in the mountains.

I turned to the upward path, and suddenly turning a corner I came upon Junia and Lucius who were descending, apparently from the same errand on which I was bound. They passed me in smiling but self-conscious silence, and I was reminded that those two were scheduled to take between them the weekend services at Village-of Knoll the coming Saturday.

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I had stumbled upon their effort to fortify themselves in prayer! Encouraged by her discovery, she continued to a place higher up.

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After a time of prayer, Isobel arose and returned to the trail. As night approached, she heard the voice of another student. I tried not to listen and glided more swiftly and carefully onward, but a curve of the path and I saw him, kneeling before the open scriptures, his face right down on the grass even with his knees and his voice cutting the still air with all the freedom of one who believes himself to be entirely alone in the woods.

Unaware of how they were impacting the Lisu church, Isobel, John and others had led by example the joy of a long and faithful life in Christ, and the benefit of "keeping tryst" with God. How merciful our heavenly Father was, during those times of self-doubt, to give them glimpses of His glory in the joyful countenance of a fellow believer, or in observing a humble and godly life, or in the over-hearing of earnest hearts in prayer. These are the things that encourage us to persevere in doing good Galatians and to stay on that narrow way that leads to life Matthew But when you are filled with the Holy Spirit, then the ministry of Jesus just flows out of you.

It is not God who does not call.

Isobel Kuhn: On the Roof of the World (Free Printable Unit Study!)

It is man who will not respond! I had surrendered husband, child, friends, all I possessed, long ago. But this was something deeper. This was relinquishing my rights to them. This was holding them, but on the open palm of my hand….

Missionary to Lisu tribes; wife of John Kuhn; writer.

Affection, especially with intense natures… runs to excess if given free rein. Uncrucified love runs to inordinate affection and selfish possessiveness which blights rather than blesses.

Missionaries and Men of God - Isobel Miller Kuhn biography - Tamil part 1

When we allow the Lord to nail our affections to the cross to use the scriptural metaphor , we do not cease to love. We love even more widely, but it is a love stripped of corrupting influences. Love is not killed — only the seed of corruption in natural affection is killed. Sign me up! Are you weary from loving a prodigal? Or are you just weary in life? I have a free E-book for you!

Kuhn, Isobel

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